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Super Gel Pillow No pressure pillow TPE pectin neck pillow gel black technology honeycomb pillows

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★ This Super Gel Pillow soothes cervical spine, evenly relieves pressure for a long night's sleep, say goodbye to neck tension.

★ Decompression of the head and neck, innovative hollow honeycomb shape soothes the cervical spine, and evenly relieves pressure. 0.16 seconds instant high resilience, curved surfaces fit,  "Auto-sensing" matches the neck curve and fits tightly, allowing the pressure on the head and neck to be fully released.

★ Soft waxy Q bomb, the rebound of 0.16 seconds dynamically fits the sleeping position.
Fully washed at 360℃, the whole body can be washed clean and safe.

★ Permanent anti-oxidation, stable and durable performance.
TPE technology new material, extraordinary fine and soft elastic, turning over more smoothly.

★ If you want a special pillow to relieve neck pain, nape pain, nothing like a gel pillow. It is effective in absorbing excess heat from your face.

★ In gel, ergonomic and wave-shaped, this pillow provides cervical support far superior to conventional pillows for peaceful sleep.

★ This pillow helps reduce snoring. It is the ideal ally if you snore in order to sleep better. It adapts to the curve of the shoulders and neck and supports the head.

★ The wavy curve supports soothing and no compression. Wave-shaped ergonomic design, durable, fits the shoulder and neck curve, supports the head and neck in multiple angles, and breaks down the pressure.

★ Like mattresses, pillows are not chosen lightly. Boutique has found the rare pearl for you. Customers who have tested it are satisfied with it and recommend it to their loved ones.

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Technical sheet :

  • Composition: TPE
    Fabric: Knitted cotton
    Specification: 35 * 52 * 10 / 8cm
    Weight: about 4kg-with box