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One Piece Hallux Bunion Splint Toe Separator Hallux Valgus Bunion Corrector

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Do you have hallux valgus, hammerhead sharks and overlapping toes?

Mild and moderate thumb valgus can be corrected by corrective training and orthotics, and severe can only be corrected by surgery. The Hallux Bunion Splint is designed to help hallux valgus deform, return to normal state day after day, relieve hallux valgus, turf toe, curved toes, bunion, toe drift, hammer and other bunion pain and toe alignment. If you have mild or moderate hallux valgus, you can correct it with the Hallux Bunion Splint. Wear it can reduce pain and correct toes.
Hallux Bunion splint: The thumb splint is made of an integral aluminum support that provides strong support for the toes, applies slight pressure to the big toes, rearranges them, slows the progression or formation of bunions, hallux valgus, hammerhead and Overlap the toes to the toes to relieve pain.

Adjustable size: Freely adjustable size, comfortable and wear-free, detachable fiber cloth for replacement and cleaning anytime, anywhere.


Hinge Bunion Splint: This Hinge Bunion Splint is flexible and bends accordingly with the ball of your foot to enable comfortable movement while properly aligning your toes.

Comfortable and soft material: Our bunion splint has two layers of soft loops that are breathable and light, making your bunion more comfortable. The toe separator kit is made of medical grade silicone and is soft and stretchable for ease of use and cleaning.

Gel Toe Separator Kit: The Gel Toe Separator Kit provides strong support between the big toe and the second toe to relieve bunion discomfort. The gel toe straightener kit is suitable for day and night use.

The Hallux Bunion Splint works wonders both, as a prophylactic device and as an application following a Hallux Valgus surgery.

We recommend wearing the splint regularly at night and whenever possible during your day activities.

    The function of the Hallux Bunion Splint

    1. Apply dynamic pressure on the big toe to rearrange them so that the toes return to natural alignment
    2. There are aluminum bars inside to strengthen the correction and support
    3. Soft and breathable material
    4. Easy to wear, suitable for men and women
    5. Ergonomic design, maximizing


    1. Protect the bunion, relieve the pain of big toe
    2. Soft material reduces friction between toes and shoes
    3. Comfort the bone of hallux valgus and corns
    4. Reduce toe and foot discomfort
    5. Stretche and aligns toes
    6. Increase blood circulation
    7. Straighten bent toes
    8. Realign joint toe
    9. Improve foot strength
    10. Bunion relief


    1. If you are trying these products for the first time, it is best to wear them for 10-15 minutes at home and then increase the time.
    2. Tighten the cuff to prevent the bunion splint from falling off during sleep.
    3. Put on socks to prevent the toe separator from sliding
    4. Persist in wearing bunion brace for 3-6 months

    How to wash

    1. All kits can be cleaned and reused. Wash your hands with warm water and soap
    2. When the gel separator becomes sticky, apply some baby powder to the gel separator.
    3. Natural drying
    4. Not applicable to washing machines or tumble dryers

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