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Cut Resistant Gloves(2 PAIRS )

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Ambidextrous, Food Grade, High Performance Level 5 Protection, Large Size
Cut Resistant GlovesElastic cuff, better fit the wrist, precision lock, not easy to break the line, beautiful and durable.Good design always focuses on the comfort of customers. Ergonomic hand design makes the gloves cleverly fit the palm slimmer and bring you comfortable working experience. It makes you feel more secure when cooking in the kitchen and you don't have to
worry about cutting yourself.
  • Grade 5 anti-cutting, cutting art, glass handling anti-slip, prevent general stab.
  • Flexible, comfortable and breathable, suitable for all kinds of fine operation.
  • The gloves are knitted and fit comfortably with the hands.
  • Elastic knitting, fit tightly and comfortably with the wrist.
  • 13 HPPE for grade 5 cutting, no odor.
Super breathability, breathable and sweated, comfortable to wear
It provides intimate protection for hands when working with sharp and sharp objects